TV Static Stock Video

Downloads - Available in 720p and 1080p

Clip Duration 720p 1080p
Static #1 15 secs 85MB 126.8MB
Static #2 10 secs 62.3MB 78.1MB
Looping Static #1 5 secs 36.4MB 40.1MB
Looping Static #2 6 secs 39.1MB 78.1MB
TV On/Off 10 secs 47MB 84.4MB
Bad Reception 10 secs 45.2MB 83.3MB

Why spend your valuable time trying to make perfect digital TV static when you could just use the real thing?

This freebie pack includes six different TV static shots with two quality options to choose from. Check out the preview above, then either download the 720p Photo Jpeg version or the 1080p Pro Rez version from the links below.

All the shots are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, so they’re free to use in any project you like, commercial or otherwise. You don’t have to include attribution, but if you do use them and want to say thanks, post a comment!


Thank you to all our donators so far.





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