Colourized Ink Effect

Colourized ink effect

This quick tip is for After Effects, but it can be applied in almost any program that has colour correction tools, like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

For starters, make sure you’ve got the footage from last time. You can download it from Green Screen Stock Effects: Fire, Water and Ink. I’ll be using Food Colouring #1 for this tutorial.

Since I’ve already pre-matted the footage for you, this’ll be easy. First up, import the shot you want and create a new composition with the same settings. Add the “Hue/Saturation” effect from the “Colour Correction” drop down in the effects menu.

Add the 'Hue/Saturation' effect from the 'Colour Correction' drop down

Now click the small “Colourize” check box. You won’t notice any change but three options should appear below: “Colourize Hue”, “Saturation” and “Lightness”. As you drag the “Lightness” slider up you’ll start to see colour appearing in your footage. From here you can add as much saturation as you want and tinker with the hue to get the colour you want.

Colourize checkbox Colourized ink

You can also increase the input black to add a little contrast for the image using “Levels”. This’ll compensate for the washed-out look generated as you add more lightness.


Now for something a little more advanced. If you want to make your food colouring look a little more fancy you can add a coloured gradient overlay.

To do this you will need to generate or find a coloured gradient that you like, keeping in mind that it should be larger than the size of the footage, in this case 1920x1080 square pixels. Here’s a simple one I made in Photoshop:

Import the gradient into After Effects and add it to your composition underneath the food colouring layer. Change the food colouring layer’s “Blending Mode” (also known as composite or overlay mode) to “Stencil Alpha”. As the name suggests this will stencil the food colouring onto your coloured gradient.
Stencil alpha

And here we have the final result:

(Music by soundprank.)

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