Welcome to the REC Room

Hey I’m Toby and I’m a video guy. I’ll be posting all sorts of tasty video-related bits and pieces here to help and encourage you to get creating.

When I graduated my first thought was, I have to get into a big production company so I can make money doing what I love, working in the video industry. I soon realised that’s not what I wanted. What I really love is not just working in the industry, but telling interesting stories and exposing people to a different perspective, my perspective, through digital video.

Making a video is a massive process, there are so many steps between pre-production and delivery. People can specialise in so many ways: sound, lighting, filming, editing, visual effects are only a few. If you’re like me you probably have an interest in it all and if I can provide something that will help make it easier for you, be it stock footage or a simple tutorial, I’ll be stoked.

The State of Play

In the past, the video production industry has been like an exclusive club, populated only by the people that could afford the huge investments needed to be taken seriously. If you tried to do it any way other than their own, you were shunned or, worse, sued.

That’s all changing now. Camera and computer technology is getting better and cheaper every day and the internet has made it easier than ever to share your work and find an audience. digital video is on the move. It’s now open to creative independent people like us and online communities are sprouting up everywhere that foster these new digital video artists.

Share and Remix

I think sharing and remixing content is the future of digital video, it will help make the independent video community grow. Why wouldn’t we help each other out? I’d love for you to use or remix any of the content on this blog, after all that’s what it’s here for.

There are so many creative individuals out there making awesome video content and the internet brings it all to our fingertips. By sharing and remixing content and working with other independent video artists we can create the content we are really passionate about. So hop on the comments, tell me what you love about video and use my resources to make awesome content.





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